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Highly functional IO-Link Master for various industrial Ethernet UR series

  • Thương hiệu: OPTEX-FA
  • Mã sản phẩm: UR-MS16DT
  • Tình trạng: 2-3 Ngày
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Ms. Hà  0915 333 087 / 0868 099 385

      A single unit to connect digital Sink(NPN) and Source(PNP) I/O devices

A single unit to connect digital Sink(NPN) and Source(PNP) I/O devices.
Not only IO-Link devices, but also digital Sink(NPN) / Source(PNP) I/O devices can be connected Together in one unit.

      16 channels

Connects to more than twice as many I/O devices as standard IO-Link Master.
Save costs and space.

      Realized the minimum cycle time of 0.3 ms

The IO-Link minimum cycle time achieves the industry's fastest* high-speed response of 0.3 ms.
The response time issue of IO-Link communication has been resolved.

      Realization of palm size

Approx. 1/2 the size (W110 x D31.4 x H63 mm) of a standard IO-Link Master (8 channels).
In addition, the number of channels is doubled, which contributes to space saving in the equipment.

*In IO-Link Master with display and operation unit.
Surveyed by OPTEX FA in November, 2021.
      10 languages supported

Ten languages can be easily selected in the system menu.
The global design allows for safe and reliable use even when equipment is moved overseas.

  • Shortcut function
    1. Automatic IODD download function
  • Using IO-Link Master and IO-Link devices of OPTEX FA eliminates the need to configure IODD files.

  • Largest no. in industry*
    1. Supports 7 field networks

The multi-protocol design of this unit can be easily switched industrial Ethernet in the system menu.

      backup / restore

When replacing a sensor, if a sensor of the same model is connected to the same terminal position, the settings before the replacement are automatically written.
No sensor reconfiguration is required, which saves downtime.

      Users want real ease of use

OPTEX FA's IO-Link Master is equipped with an OLED display and operation keys that allow users to check, set, and change IO-Link device parameters, maintenance information, and errors without using a PC or HMI.

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