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Tay hàn thiếc GOOT RX-80GAS

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Tay hàn thiếc sử dụng cho máy hàn thiếc GOOT cho máy hàn thiếc RX-80AS, công suất 80W

Thick Tip Coating for Lead-free Soldering

All tips have extra-thick iron plating, to resist erosion by lead-free solder.


Slide the lever in the direction of the arrow. The tip will come out. Hold and pull the plastic housing of the tip.

Kích thước Length 158mm (with RX-80HRT-MB), Weight 28g (with RX-80HRT-MB)
Model RX-80GAS
Công suất 24 V AC / 72 W
Applicable Iron Units Dùng cho máy hàn GOOT RX-812AS

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