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Đèn cảm biến ánh sáng Sensing Spot Lighting OPS-S Series

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OPS-S Series

High-brightness type with unique lens design for best-in-class brightness

The OPS-S Series offers 6 times the brightness of conventional models under normal illumination and strobe lighting type for overdrive is 10 times the brightness of conventional models*. With conventional spot lighting, constant current driving is the most common, and no strobe power supplies were capable of overdrive. With the OPS-S Series, the power supply is any general-purpose 12 V power, allowing for overdrive functionality with strobe power supplies.
With the highly uniform type, uniformity is improved thanks to a low-magnification lens with a short working distance.
In addition, the low brightness requirements of mirror-like workpieces with high reflectance can be met and high dimming resolutions are ensured. Highly uniform types offer about 1/10 the brightness of high-intensity types.
*Applicable power supply: OPPF Series

  • High-brightness, high-uniform types for optimization with telecentric lenses

    Optimized for the optical system of telecentric lenses, the OPS-S Series offers both high brightness and high uniformity. High-brightness types are available for highmagnification, long-distance lenses, and highly uniform types are available for low-magnification, short-range lenses. With no bright points in the center of illumination (hot spots) even with the high-brightness type, no light axis deviation occurs even with original lenses.
    Refer to the chart to the right when specifying a type.
    *Brightness and uniformity were evaluated using an actual telecentric lens.

Comparison of uniformity *Camera conditions: 1/3 CCD camera

  • ■Also usable as oblique lighting for direct illumination

    Because of the strong directivity of the high-brightness type, this type can be used as oblique lighting for direct illumination even without a condensing lens.

  • ■Space-saving L-shaped body

    This model uses an L-shaped housing with the control board placed in parallel to the lens.
    This construction reduces dead space when mounting.

New “FALUX-it” technology for 12 VDC drivability eliminating the need for a dedicated power supply and resistance box

  • Thanks to the newly developed voltage conversion constant current circuit with a built-in transformer, constant current control according to the voltage is possible for converting to the different forward voltages for each LED color is possible with reduced heat generated by the excess voltage. The temperature of the housing has also been reduced to less that of conventional models.
    As a result, OPS-S Series devices can be directly connected to general-purpose 12 VDC power supplies. In addition to eliminating the need for a dedicated constant-current power supply, conventional resistance boxes are no longer necessary, thus reducing costs. Furthermore, even though brightness was reduced under conventional constant current control due to heat generation, the built-in temperature compensation circuit allows brightness to be kept constant even if the temperature increases immediately after lighting or if the ambient temperature changes.

Brightness monitoring and feedback with “FALUX sensing”

  • OPS-S Series lighting also includes “FALUX sensing”technology, which features photodiodes that not only monitor brightness but also provide feedback on long-term brightness deterioration, allowing for constant maximum brightness to be maintained for up to around 50,000 hours. This helps reduce maintenance costs during operation.

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